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Create Multiple Streams Of Income Form The Music Business To Support The Lifestyle You Want To Live.
Build a Growing Base Of Loyal Fans Who Will Follow You To Your Shows Like Lemmings, Buying Your Music, T-Shirts, Hats - Anything You Want Them to Buy!
Become So Successful, That IF You decide to Sign With A Major Record Label (And You May NOT Want To) It Will be on Your Terms, in Your Favor.

"Lots of useful information. I've used many of these techniques and have had great success. Other musicians wonder what the hell I'm doing! There are helpful hints on everything from promoting gigs to getting radio airplay. You can tell it's written by someone with years of solid business experience, but in a way that is easy to understand and follow. It's like having your own personal publicist show you all the secrets."
-- Mark Hartenau, Musican/Producer

From:  Brian Woeller, Author, "Promote Your Band To Rock Star Status -- Get Gigs, Sponsors, & a Large List of Money-Throwing Fans"

Dear Fellow Musician,
You've got the talent. You've got the drive, but unless you know how to promote yourself properly, youll be stuck playing in the garage in front of your dog or cat with the neighbors banging on the door screaming at you to "turn it down!" Instead, learn the secrets and strategies of how to promote your band into a money- making juggernaut! Be the talk of the town while the guys from other bands watch from the crowds wondering how the hell you keep getting all those gigs!

Here's How:

I'll teach you how to promote your band like a pro, even if you never thought you could do something like this, and have no business experience. All it takes is this book and for you to follow the steps I've outlined -- you can't miss! It really is as easy as that. I've broken everything down into easy to understand, simple to follow step-by-step instructions. There's no airy- fairy theory or, "wouldn't it be a perfect world if..." crap. These are real world executions of proven strategies, designed to get you consistently playing gigs, getting publicity and making money playing your music.

Professional musicians all over the world are reaping the benefits from these strategies
--now you should, too.

"... a surprising wealth of ideas presented in a straightforward and organized book. The reader becomes instantly acquainted with our mission of self-promotion, but more importantly, we are provided a clear road map of the journey. Addressing every facet of the artist's contact with the world, Woeller takes us through the steps of building a stand-out presence in the marketplace. From publicity and branding to leveraging the power of electronic and social networks, he provides us with a clear focus and the tools and insights it would take the average promoter years to acquire. This is an e-book worth every penny for the artist who is ready to promote their art with professional earnest."
-- Robert Cureton, Ph.D., Red Raven Records

Most Bands Fail To Succeed, Not Due to of a Lack of Talent, But From a Lack of Knowing What to do!
This book can prevent that from happening to you!

"I found your eBook very informative, and even though I knew a lot of the information already, it took me several months of learning through trial and error, and had I had your book from the beginning, I would've been much further along at this point. It's also a good source of resources all in one place. All in all I would say you've done a very good job!"
-- Dan Renwick, Musician

Here Are Just a Few of The Amazing Secrets, Tips, Techniques & Strategies This Program Will Teach You:

* How a very simple change in your attitude can take you from broke, unemployed musician, to a popular professional musician living your dream.

* How to quickly avoid the #1 mistake that bands make trying to get gigs -- and how to instead position yourself as a true professional.

* A step-by-step explanation of how to get professional promo photos for FREE!

* How to get sponsors eager to give you money time after time.

* How to change a booking nightmare into a totally new stream of income for you.

* The essential promotional pieces you simply must have to succeed.
   (If you don't have them, you're wasting your time!)

* How to create an entire retail store, selling your band's logo on hundreds of items fans love: shirts, hats and coffee mugs, without spending a dime out of your pocket.

* How to position yourself as a media spokesperson for the music industry.

* One simple technique to turn an ordinary, run of the mill gig into a full-blown publicity "event."

* How to turn your "hobby" of playing music into a powerful, professional career that you can profit from decade after decade.(Finally some respect from your parents!)

* 20 of the best places you can go right now to get a gig.

* Just can't find a gig anywhere? Learn how to create your own gigs and make money from them.

* How to get your band on TV & Radio for free!

* One simple "trick" to quickly add loads of fans to your fan base.

* How to create a passionately loyal base of fans that will follow you around from gig to gig.

* How to position yourself so that other bands come to you (and pay you) to get their gigs.

* How to get hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of publicity -- FREE!

* How to use other bands' success to ignite your own popularity.

* How the simple act of giving away a T-shirt can actually make you thousands of dollars.

Look, if You Want to be Successful,
Imitate Successful People.
It's Just That Simple.

The secrets, strategies and tips in this book could take you years to learn on your own. Do you have the time to wait? No! Get this book today and start your musical career tomorrow -- not years from now.

"There are many genuinely useful insights that would probably otherwise evade a newcomer to the industry. That, along with the book's all encompassing approach are its greatest values I plan on implementing some of the techniques mentioned with my next group. The writing style is straightforward and very easy to understand."
- - Gavin Hackling, Guitarist

Within Minutes of Reading These High Impact Strategies
You Can Have a Gig Booked For Your Band!

Why getting an Agent Now Could Actually HURT Your Career!
How To Get a Gig at a Venue, Even if They Won't Hire You!
How To Get Your Own Music Show on TV & Make Money Doing it!
2 simple Things To Put on Your eb site that will grow your fan base!
How to Turn Your Band Into a Company, So You Can Write Off Concerts, Equipment Meals And Travelling Expenses From Your Taxes.
How to Use Your New Knowledge To Promote Your Own Band Or Use Them to Promote Other Bands as a Whole New Career!
How to Turn Your Fans Into an Army of Band Promoters.
How to Get Your Music Videos Seen All Around The World.
How to Produce Your Own Concerts, With Your Band as The Headliner.
How to Utilize MySpace & YouTube To Promote Your Band/Music.
What works & What Doesn't In The "Real World" Of Band Promotion.

You're not alone! I've been where you are now -- broke, and wanting so badly to play your music, but you just can't get it going.

Believe me, I've felt your pain.

I've had to sell some of my favorite guitars for rent money. I've taken crappy jobs because I wasn't making enough money with my music. -- Well, you don't have to do that! Invest what amounts to a few packs of guitar strings or drum sticks, get this book, follow the detailed steps and take control of your life. Live the way you want to live -- financially sound, playing your music!

Think you can't do it, that you don't have what it takes? Think again! There are people just like you -- who took action -- and are now playing music professionally -- making money doing what they love.

Here's The Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource..."Promote Your Band To Rock Star Status" will guide you step-by-step to:

Get More Gigs.
Get Sponsors.
Create a Loyal Fan Base.
Get Free Publicity.
Create a System For Capturing, Growing & Communicating With Your Fan Base, so They Can See You Play, Buy Your Music, Shirts, Hats and More.
Achieve Success in The Music iIndustry More Quickly & More EffortlesslyThan You Ever Dared to Dream Possible.
Sell Your Music to People all Over The World Whom You've Never Even Met.
Promote Other Bands to Make Even More Money For Yourself.
...and Much, Much More!

"Musician" doesn"t have to be a code word for "unemployed." You don't have to eat macaroni and cheese every meal, bum money from friends, sleep on your girlfriend's couch or any of that other "starving-artist" crap. You CAN be a professional musician, working whenever you want, from wherever you are --and make as much money as you want!

Do NOT Buy Any Book on How To Promote Your Band
Unless it Meets The Following Criteria:

  1. It explains in detail the step-by-step ways to get gigs, get asked back for more gigs, and how to create a partnership with the venue manager.
  2. It shows you the inside secrets of what to do - and what NOT to do for virtually guaranteed success.
  3. It shows you how and who to approach for sponsorship of your band, giving you extra money and marketing power.
  4. It gives real world strategies, not text book theory of how to promote you band.
  5. It gives you the big, unbiased picture about promoting your band and gives you the tools and resources yu need to do it with.

This information is priceless!

How much time do you want to waste finding out this information "the hard way?" You will save thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising expenses. You will create multiple streams of income from a variety of sources, all while promoting your band.

In Summary, Here's What You'll Get:
You get immediate access to the breakthrough ebook  "How to Promote Your Band To Rock Star Status" along with some very exciting bonuses for acting now. If you respond right away, you pay the introductory price of only $29.

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podcasting cover         FREE Bonus #1: Music Gold Mine Directory of web links. Every company you need to know about, is categorized and linked directly to their Home Pages. You'll use this fabulous resource directory time and again, and save yourself hours each time you do!

auto responder cover        FREE Bonus #2: eBook -
Autoresponder Maximizer Harness the Full     Power of the Internet and Put Your Online  Music Business on Automatic Pilot!

Win Fans and Make Money While You Sleep!  The true power of the Internet isn't just   helping you find your audience, it's also  automating your work so that you're free to  do other things.

Autoresponder systems are THE most overlooked tools by online indie musicians. Austoresponders let you systemize all of your marketing efforts so you can...

                  *Add new fans to your mailing list
                  *Follow up with them on a regular basis 
                  *Sell CD's and merchandise... 
                    all while you're off doing other things.

Autoresponder Maximizer gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your automated sales system.

viral marketng coverFREE Bonus #4: Special Report - 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online.

Things move so fast on the internet -- just when you think you have it all figured out it gets turned upside down and you find that all the rules you just learned have changed.

Music marketing expert Andrew Dubber takes you behind the scenes and gives you the real world insight to promoting your music on the web.

Topics Include:
*Opinion Leaders Rule
*Web 2.0 Search Engine Optimization
*RSS Feeds
*Rewards and Incentives
*Success With Viral Marketing
*And much, much, more!

podcasting cover         Free Bonus #5: Special Report Promoting Your Music With Podcasting

Podcasts are like your very own radio programs broadcasted around the world via the internet. People can listen to them on their computers or download them to their iPods Or other portable mp3 players.

David Jackson goes give an in-depth explanation how to set up and distribute your very own Podcast for little or no money.

Get your music the international audience it deserves! Read this report and get your Podcast up and going immediately!


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If for any reason, you aren't thrilled (not just satisfied!) with your purchase, just contact me within 30 days and I'll gladly refund 100% of your purchase price.

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If it doesn't immediately kick the lights on in your head that you CAN do this, if it doesn't guide you step-by-step through the creation of the essential marketing pieces you'll need, if it doesn't show you how to save thousands of dollars in advertising expenses, if it doesn't take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to get gigs, and sponsors and build a growing fan base, if it doesn't make promoting your band easier than you ever dreamed possible, then I don't want your money... I'll gladly give it all back to you.

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To your success,

Brian Woeller
Instant Access Publishing

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